NCCPR provides a research ’home’ for counselling and psychotherapy staff whether they are working on team projects or individual studies. Key current areas of interest include community-engaged research, and research into counselling children and young people. NCCPR members have experience in a range of methodological approaches, particularly in contemporary qualitative research. Lesley Spencer and Jack Rochon have a particular interest in collaborative enquiry, narrative research and heuristic research, whilst Els van Ooijen is interested in heuristic and other types of practitioner based research. Sheila Spong, Rachel Waters and Jack Rochon have interests in participatory approaches and Sheila Spong is also interested in discourse analysis.

Between 2010 and 2015 the University operated a counselling research clinic funded by the University, the Big Lottery People and Places Fund and the Kegie Foundation. Through the provision of a free counselling service for members of the local community, an extensive collection of standardised data has been created which is used in a variety of research projects. The research of the clinic included a community participatory research project into counselling for carers, working with local carers groups, and this innovative approach to counselling research resulted in a targeted information for carer’s about counselling, as well as academic publication and conference presentations.

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In another developing area, NCCPR has engaged in a series of research projects into counselling for children and young people including a study of the relationship between counselling for children and young people and specialist child and adolescent mental health services, commissioned by BACP as part of the Counselling MindEd initiative for the Department of Health in England. NCCPR members also co-authored the evaluation of the Welsh School-Based Counselling, and undertook an evaluation of the Newport Primary Schools Counselling Project.

Other research interests includes an innovative research/practice project on the use of music therapy in the West Bank; a study on genetic counselling around sudden cardiac death and participatory case study research into integrative counselling.

NCCPR holds a well-received annual counselling and psychotherapy research conference e, with a nationally known keynote speaker and a selection of papers and research workshops.